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Home Bar Photo Gallery

Here are all of the photos taken during construction.  Click on a photo to enlarge (then use the "back" button on your browser to return here)

Construction Photos

Photos just before the grand opening in 2000

New photos from 2004 (yes, we now have furniture!)

Laying in supplies.  We used 7 foot 2x4 stud lumber to do the framing - it required quite a bit of wood.  In the background is the furnace which was hidden by creating a wall the full width of the house.  This also gave us a good sized storage area and hid the electrical panels and water main pipes.
The original "laundry room".  We had not even finished unpacking before we started this project.  The washer & dryer came with the house along with that big nasty steel desk.  We cut up the desk with the saws all to get it out to the trash.
The frame starts to take shape.  Thanks to Tom for the use of his table saw and to Jeff for the saw horses.
A view facing east towards "Septic Falls" - this is where the bar will eventually be.  The waste pipe will determine the height of the back bar shelving.  The trap and vent were covered in framing and a small (13") TV was placed on the wall in that corner.
Facing the laundry room from within the office.
Framing out the stairway.
Framing out the back-bar area and around the waste pipe trap and vent.  An access panel was placed in the wall to give a plumber access to the trap if necessary.
A view from inside the office looking up the stairs.  This was before we were given the fish tank so the wall on the right is a simple wall instead of the large closet it will soon become.
The dart corner framed and sheeted.  The walls were painted with a special water-proofing treatment to reduce moisture.  The framing provided a small shelf that runs the length of the wall.  The shelf hides and supports the waste pipe that runs the length of the wall.  We used plastic sheeting on all exterior walls to block moisture.
A view facing west of the framing.  Note the window that will soon be installed in the office.  This is the only accessible window in the basement.  The other two are in the storage room.
Putting up sheetrock in the dart corner.
Rocking the stairwell.  
The sheetrock is almost finished!  What a mess.  Note how the floor has changed color.  Even after sweeping and mopping several times, the floor never stopped being white from the sheetrock and spackle dust.
The opening for the fish tank.  The tank was given to us by a friend who no longer wanted it.  She didn't give it to us until we had already finished the wall so some re-working had to be done.  The frame for the base of the tank is doubled up 2x4's and 2x6's - it had to support the weight of 150 gal. of water (1200 lbs)
Oooooh... Dooors...  We also covered up the support pipes and put some nice trim molding on the shelf that runs along the header.
The bar woodwork was saved for last - we didn't want the dust and dirt to mess up the wood.  Note the double sink waiting to be installed.
Getting ready for the fish tank.
An organized workspace is the key to success - not!
Fish tank is now in place.
This shows the access panels we put in the ceiling above the back bar.  There was a termite problem many years before we bought the house and the exterminator needed access to these rafters.  It's also a convenient way to run audio and video cables to the corner TV. 
Plumbing is in place for the bar sink.  You can just see the hole for the drain.
A back view of the fish tank.  We put closet doors up to cover the back but still make it accessible.
Ceramic tile floor in the dart area and in front of the bar. 
Ceramic tile in front of the bar.  Note the tile cracking tool to crack (instead of cutting) the tile to fit.  Next time we'll get a tile saw!
Preparing the wainscoting.  The walls had already been primed and painted.  Each piece of wainscoting was about 4 inches wide, each had to be put up separately tongue and groove style, and each piece had to be stained before being put up.
There were several hundred pieces.  Note the wood outlet covers, stained to match the wainscoting.
Big Ed the nail gun man - this project would have taken a much longer time without my friend Ed's professional advice, help, and power tools.
Another shot of Ed muttering curses at us and the wainscoting.
Holy crow!  I think that's me, merrily staining the chair rail molding for the top of the wainscoting.
The Finished Product 
The finished product - just before our first party (Mardi Gras, 2000).  This is my shot glass collection in shelves built by and given to me by my brother for Christmas.  He gave them to me unfinished and we stained them to match.
The bar.  Way cool.
The entertainment center, circa 2000.
The back bar
The under bar counter with mixers, microwave, blender, etc.
The dart corner.
The wine rack and the digital touch-screen jukebox.
The Basement 2004 - Here are some new photos.  Look what we've done with the place
A lot more liquor and some nice new chairs.  The chairs are by Whittaker
A view of the dart area with the new cocktail table, more chairs and (temporarily) a treadmill.
Now that what I'm talkin' about!  The nice 60" Mitsubishi projection screen TV surrounded by a nice wall unit from Furnikit.  The shelf for DVD's I built myself.
Many more bottles - I've even added an extra shelf up high.
A view down the length of the bar.