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The Under-Bar

bsmt35.jpg (47625 bytes)A view of the under-bar.

The Under-Bar area (the area under the top surface of the bar) is used for drink preparation and storage of ingredients and tools.

The Under-Bar Counter Top

The Under-Bar is constructed using a 2x4 frame with Sheetrock covering the frame on the two upright supports in the middle as well as on the back surface.  There is a counter top surface that was created using two pre-made counter tops purchased at Home Depot.  Each top has a rounded front edge and a vertical lip at the rear edge to act as a backsplash.  Each is covered in Formica as well.

The counter-top pieces are notched so that they fit between the uprights, but still come together in the front.  The upright supports do not extend all the way to the edge. 

One of the counter tops also has a hole cut out for the sink.  The Sink is a drop in style stainless steel double well bar sink. 

The edges of the counters are sealed with a silicon caulk to prevent water or spills from leaking to the cabinets below.

The Storage Cabinets

There are two large storage cabinets: one under the sink, and another under the prep area.  The cabinet under the sink is smaller and does not have finished sides or a floor.  There is not much room left inside after the water and drainage plumbing was installed.

The prep area cabinet is finished inside with sheetrock over a 2x4 frame, with a sheetrock floor (also over 2x4's)  The sheetrock is not spackled or painted inside.

The cabinet doors are made from 3/4 inch birch veneer plywood and are hung using sliding door guides.  The advantage of sliding doors is that there's no swing radius to worry about making it easier to get to the cabinet, even if there are several people behind the bar.  The sliding door hardware was bought as a kit from Home Depot and includes the rail, the rollers and brass thumb pulls for each door.  The rail had to be cut using a hacksaw to the correct length needed for each opening.