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 What can BarBack do for ME?

  • It can tell you what drinks you can make based on what you have available.

  • It can let you quickly look up a recipe from a list of over 24,800 mixed drinks.  You'll never have to say "I don't know that one" again!

  • It lets you find new and interesting drinks to suggest to your friends or customers making them like you more or  give you better tips (or both!)

  • It lets you find interesting drinks to add to the menu at your establishment.  Quickly find that use a brand or that fit a theme.

 Here’s what's new in version 6.0:

  • Almost 25,000 recipes (actually 24,969)
  • Resizable main screen
  • Template based recipe display.  Multiple templates are available and you can create your own.  BarBack uses HTML to display recipes and the templates can be edited using any standard HTML or text editor.
  • Custom Colors can be selected for Accent, Highlight, Background and Text colors.  There are over 30 color schemes included and custom ones can be created and saved.
  • New fields added including Garnish, Build, Comments and Rating.
  • Ability to add a recipe to more than one category.
  • Glassware images by Libby Glass
  • Vastly improved printing features including the ability to completely control the recipe layout and the page layout.
  • The inclusion of drink images.  Images can be ones that are built in to BarBack or ones that the user specifies as being for a given drink.
  • The ability to receive updates of drink recipes and drink images online
  • Modified the Add and Edit process to make it more “wizard” like and hopefully simpler
  • New drink pricing option “Beverage Cost Method” from the book Successful Beverage Management
  • Greatly improved Ingredient editing including the ability to add, edit and delete ingredients, merge one ingredient with another, specify the type, sub type, units, cost and any notes about each ingredient, and even see what drinks use an ingredient.
  • Improved ingredient selection in the Liquor Cabinet feature.  Ingredients are organized in a “tree” and selecting a type or sub type selects all ingredients within that type.  You can also save your selections without actually doing a search.