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This Web Site is meant for people of legal drinking age. It does not in any way promote under age drinking, excessive drinking, hazing or other abuses of alcohol.

The drinks in the BarBack database have been compiled from many publicly available sources as well as from user submissions. If you feel that a drink is not appropriate, please do not make it or drink it. If you are a bartender, please remember your professional responsibility to keep your customers safe. Many drinks in BarBack are not portioned for use in a commercial bar or tavern.

Interworld Software and Paul Knorr cannot be held responsible for any damages that may occur in the use of this guide. We have faith in your common sense, that you will use this guide responsibly.

BarBack is not sponsored, endorsed or promoted by any particular liquor company or distributor. All brand names mentioned in BarBack are copyrighted by or trademarks of their respective owners.

Those who drink should do so responsibly. Please don't drink and drive.