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Before reporting a problem, be sure that you have the latest version. See the Free Trial area of this site to find the most up to date trial version or order the latest full version.

Version 6.0 Installation Bug

Run-time error '3051': The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file C:\Program Files\BarBack 6.0\drinks.mdb.  It is already opened exclusively by another user or you need permission to view its data.

  This error is caused by a read-only database (drinks.mdb) file.  

To fix it: Browse to the file using Windows Explorer.  Right click on the file and choose Properties.  Make sure that the check box next to "Read Only" does not have a check mark in it.  If it does, click it to clear the check mark.  Click OK and try BarBack again.

BarBack Version 5.0 Purchased under the name "10000 Drink Recipes" or as part of the "Instant Home Cooking" CD set

Runtime error 3265: Item not found in this collection.


This error is caused by a corruption in the BarBack drink database file that was not discovered until after the CD's were made. The fix requires you to download a replacement drink database file. On the down side, this requires you to download a 3MB file. On the up side, once you have the new file you not only get rid of this error but you now have an additional 1000 new recipes!

Click here to start downloading the new file (File Size = 3,036,551 bytes)

To apply this fix:

  1. Using WinZip or another program that can extract compressed ZIP files, unzip the file to get Drinks96.mdb
  2. Copy the Drinks96.mdb file to the folder where BarBack is currently installed. By defualt, this is C:\Program Files\BarBack\BarBack For Windows\
  3. Click Yes, when it asks if you want to replace the existing file.
  4. run BarBack.


Version 5.0 Known Bugs

Out of Memory Error (Runtime Error 2004) on Systems with more than 512 MB RAM


The error message is misleading - it's not that there's not enough ram, it's that there's too much. This is not a problem with BarBack, but a problem with Windows. There is a general problem with Windows (all versions, including XP) on machines with over 512 MB of memory. Microsoft addresses this in knowledge base article q253912.

The article describes two ways to get around the problem with the final (3rd) solution being to remove the memory over 512 MB. This error affects other programs besides BarBack - in particular the DOS command prompt, any 16bit DOS legacy program, and any other program that requires a virtual machine be created (most other programs written with VB).

This is a serious error that we have no control over since the source of the error is in Microsoft's vcache Windows sub-system. This problem has only recently come to light since only in the past year or so has memory been cheap enough for everyday machines to have over 512 MB or RAM.

It has been verified that this error no longer occurs with BarBack version 6.0


Invalid use of NULL error at startup

  Discovered 02/10/1999 - Special thanks to Allen F. for catching this error and helping us track it down. This error occurs when a new drink is added with a name greater than 50 characters. To resolve this error, you will need to open the database in MS Access, and enter the drink name manually. The alternative is to reinstall BarBack, but you will loose any new drinks you have added since installing. To prevent this error, make sure that all drink names are less than 50 characters. This will be fixed in the next version.

Version 5.0 Setup Issues

Run-time error '31037'

  The 'Run-time Error 31037 - Error loading from file' error indicates that something has gone wrong with your system registry. If you recently had a disk failure, had to reinstall windows, or have installed MS Office, Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater, or any Microsoft software development tool, this could be the cause. Microsoft provides a tool for fixing problems of this sort, called RegClean. You can get RegClean at:

Microsoft also refers to this error in the following knowledge base article:

Try using RegClean and see if it helps. If it does not, you will need to try the following:

1. Go to the dos prompt. You should be in the C:\Windows directory.
2. type cd system and press enter to change to the C:\Windows\System directory
3. type in the following command: 'regsvr32 [filename]' and press enter (leave out the quotes) Where [filename] is one of the following:


Try the command with each of the files. After each one, test to see if BarBack works.

Error Message - This application uses CTL3D32.DLL which is not the correct version.

  This is caused by the installation program installing the wrong version of ctrl3d32.DLL for the target operating system.  There is a version of the DLL that is unique to NT and a separate one for 95.  If you get this error, the solution is to replace the ctl3d32.DLL file with the appropriate one for your operating system: CTL3D32.DLL for Win95 or CTL3D32.DLL for WinNT.   Special thanks to Wayne W. Beebe for catching and solving this problem.

Version 4.0 Known Bugs

Error 13 Type Mismatch When adding a new drink

  This only happens with international versions of Windows where the decimal place is not a period (.)  To work around this bug, before clicking on the OK button to add the drink, edit the price and cost and remove the comma or other decimal place and replace them with a period.


Run time error 424 "object required" when entering a new ingredient

  This is a bug.  There is no workaround because I screwed up badly.  Only one person has caught this so far so I'm assuming that not many people add new ingredients.  This bug has been fixed in the latest release.  Special thanks to Rich Byrnes for reporting this bug.

Run time error 424 "object required" when switching to "Marked" view

  This error will occur if you switch to the marked view when there are no marked drinks.  It can lead to a serious problem if you have the "remember last view" option turned on.  In that case, when BarBack starts again it will automatically change to the Marked view and will crash with the same error.  This bug has been fixed in the latest release.

If you have suggestions or find other problems that we am not aware of, please e-mail us at with a complete description.  We will try to fix bugs as soon as they are reported, and will try to incorporate your suggestions into the next release.