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Click on an image for a larger view.
main.jpg (132608 bytes) Main Screen.  The main screen has the list of drinks on the left and the recipe on  the right.  The display of the recipe is controlled by an HTML template that can be customized.
print_layout.jpg (83209 bytes) Print Layout.  This shows just how flexible printing is in BarBack.  You have complete control over the positioning of recipes on the page and of the layout and formatting of the recipes themselves.
edit.jpg (73794 bytes) Edit A Drink.  Adding or Editing a drink has been made much easier by breaking down the process into steps.
adv_search.jpg (41385 bytes) Advanced search.  Combine up to five criteria to create a complex search.  Your searches can even be saved for future use.
lc.jpg (65882 bytes) Liquor Cabinet.  Find the drinks you can make with what you have.
edit_ing.jpg (136706 bytes) Edit ingredients.  You now have complete control over the ingredient list.  You can add, remove, edit or merge ingredients easily.  You can even add notes to an ingredient or see what drinks use it.
pricing.jpg (69381 bytes) Drink Pricing.  BarBack gives you three industry standard methods for pricing your drink menu.  You can also choose to override the calculation and enter your own price for a particular drink.