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New Version 6.0

Over 24,000 drink recipes!

BarBack is the leader in bartending software.  With over 24,000 mixed drink recipes available at your fingertips, you can:

  • Create a unique drink menu for your establishment.  
  • Learn to mix the most popular cocktails 
  • Impress your friends with your mixology expertise.
  • Get better tips!


NEW! Announcing BarBack for the Palm OS!  

Get over 10,000 drink recipes in the palm of your hand all for just $9.95!

Find out how to build a home bar from scratch.  Follow the construction of "The Basement", a subterranean refuge from everyday life.
  • Follow, step by step, the construction process.
  • Find out what equipment you need and how to stock your bar.
  • Learn some basic bartending techniques.

The Drink-Up-Date newsletter is your source for information about:
  • New Products - liquor, liqueurs, mixes, etc.
  • Trends in the Nightclub and Bar industry